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Growing up, we are all taught to concentrate on our academics, get into a premier college and ultimately, make a success story at work, however, when a woman grows up, the rules change. Instead of emphasizing financial independence, they are expected to get married and go about their mundane chores.

Women have owned and operated business for decades but they were seldom recognized or given credit for their efforts, often being invisible as they worked side by side with either of Male members. There are certain few who choose to break the pre defined cycle and take a plunge to carve out a niche for them.

Carving out the niche for yourself needs strength of character, resilience, commitment and passion towards your profession.

We celebrate one such an inspiring woman and highlight her dynamic career as an entrepreneur. It's always inspiring when you read about people who have gone beyond and breached the barrier for making a difference in the lives of others. Most of the times the road isn t easy, along with hard work, there are obstacles, long hours and several sacrifices. CA Shweta has made her way out of all the adversities and she inspires every professional in the fraternity by her thorough insights and Values be it family member, CA students, Women CAs or Practicing Professionals.

In CA Profession, over a decade or so, women have become more prominent than ever before however the percent is still really low. The total no of women CA is not more than 27% in Western Region of ICAI. Out of that above again only 28% women are practicing CAs, i.e. only 7.50% of overall CAs.

Barring all those adversities CA Shweta Jain, has demonstrated huge passion & courage in her career spanning for past 12 years plus that she is woman of substance and has carved a niche for herself in this intellectual profession.

Married at young age and being the mother of child did not stop her from pursuing her dream of becoming a professional chartered accountant.

CA Shweta Jain, the founder partner of the M/s Shweta Jain and Co. has continued to inspire with a motto "Do not stop till you succeed".

Apart from being the Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, she has Diploma in Information System Audit (DISA), Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), ACCA UK.

As a part of her interest in continuous development she participated in various certification programs conducted by ICAI viz Forensic Audit and Fraud Detection, Concurrent Audit, Co-operative Society Audit and IFRS. Currently she is pursing Master in Business Finance course.

CA Shweta has served to the Institute in various capacities and at different forums. She was Chairperson of Vasai branch of WIRC of ICAI for 2012-13, Vice-Chairperson during 2011-2012. Secretary (2010-11), Treasurer (2008-2009 & 2009-2010). Chairperson of WICASA (Vasai Branch during 2011-12)

She is also associated with various organizations like Jain International Organisation (JIO), Jain Chartered accountant Federation ( JCAF ), Bharat Vikas Parishad and other religious and spiritual initiatives.

She has been associated with various initiatives of WIRC of ICAI since 2007-08 till date.

She has always been admired for her leadership qualities. The branch scaled new heights and won various awards during her tenure as a Chairperson of Vasai Branch and WICASA

-Best Branch of WIRC (Large Category) - 2012
-Highly Commendable Performance Branch of ICAI (Large Category) - 2012
-Highly Commendable Performance of WICASA by WIRC (Small Category) - 2011

She was the recipient of Achiever's Award from WIRC (Vasai branch) .She has been awarded Best Women CA for the Year 2017 across India in the category of leading Women CA in profession by II Global Business Information.

She is actively managing the initiatives such as Women Empowerment, Career counselling and mentoring of students and furtherance of the objectives of the profession. She regularly contributes her thoughts and insights through newsletters, publication and participating in other various platforms for the benefit of all members in the profession.

Shweta never lets the challenges overcome her aspirations. She believes that women are blessed to be multi-tasker and are masters of balancing acts between Professional and Personal life.

For over a decade, Shweta has proven her mettle by staying focused and by adhering to a proven result-oriented approach towards her profession.

From the beginning of her career, Shweta's main goals have been to enjoy her work. With those objectives, Shweta has never felt restricted by the need for a specific position or role. As a result, she found her way into the accounting profession that allows her to work in a fast-paced, collaborative and dynamic environment-all aspects of Shweta's career that suit her perfectly.

One of the things which drew Shweta to the accounting profession was the fact that you could really make it whatever you wish. Shweta appreciates that on applying required assumptions and critical thinking to a problem, accounting arrives at an answer. She takes pleasure in debating the validity and value of those answers and exploring the process to find areas for improvement. As industry change constantly with the evolution of business, so there is always the opportunity to continue learning and growing.

Talking about her initial days of pursuing CA, she says, "Every schedule I devised for planning my studies would fail invariably due to either of limitations and responsibilities. My free time was the only study time and for compensating for the lost time, I would stay focused and concentrate wholly on my studies during that time."

Shweta's tips to aspiring Professionals

Dare to dream. Be passionate towards your goals and objectives. Don't stop dreaming or pursing your aspiration since the obstacles is part of the journey for every individuals. Set your goals and make plans to perform by setting daily targets as well as routine errands.

The future of CA profession is gradually taking shift from the traditional accounts and taxation to a new era where it is including Management and Finance topic at core, since the portion of CAs is rapidly increasing to be working in the Industries. Role of Technology, Management requirements and financial reporting management etc. are going to take a leap from here in the profession. So make an individual choice to be updated on the interested field and geared up of future.

While performing all your responsibility, remember family is one of the greatest assets in your life & the quality time that we have spent with them gives us the inner strength and courage to fight the odds. These help you to refresh and relax & keep you motivated for future challenges.

Pursue your hobbies, have your "me-time" that would keep you away from feeling exhausted and drained out.

Shweta's pearls of wisdom

The only person who can motivate you is "You" and only person who can stop you from achieving your dream is "You".


Shweta Jain

Partner at Shweta Jain & Co., Chartered Accountants, Best Woman CA of the Year (2017), Recipient of Women Achievers’ Award by WIRC of ICAI (Vasai Branch)

G-007, Om Sai Enclave, Near Gracious School, Poonam Sagar, Mumbai -401107 India. Cell : +91 9920737198, Tel No.: +91 22 49746258

Chartered Accountant

Partner at Shweta Jain & Co

Former Chairperson of WIRC of ICAI (Vasai Branch), Former Chairperson of WICASA of ICAI (Vasai Branch), Member- JCAF, Bharat Vikas Parishad, Rajasthani Seva Sanstha.






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