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We recently got a chance to meet and have views of Mr Raj Chawal on various topics
So readers, let us have a look at what Mr. Chawal wants to convey

How did your journey as a CA begin and what were the ups and downs

My Journey as a CA began when I qualified my CA Final Examination which is considered one of the most difficult examination in May 1992. I immediately started my CA practice after clearing the same and began as a proprietor in Delhi. As every career has ups and down so did I faced a lot of ups and downs at beginning of my professional practice. I did not have any family professional background to support me in the incubation of my practice. Also without association with any established CA firm it was difficult in beginning to attract clients and grow my career. But as several cuttings and polishing process converts a coal to diamond so did my hard work and dedication made my practice to flourish.

Mr. Raj Chawla, please share your experience with us from being a Chartered Accountant to becoming a Regional Council Member

To win the Regional Council Elections of NIRC one needs a good social network and efficient group of professionals to promote him. Continuous interaction with your members and their continuous support is must to win. First time I contested in 2009, but due to marginal difference in votes lost the opportunity to become the Regional Council Chairman.
But I did not loose hope and I started to send daily NICAI updates to my members to enhance the professional knowledge and I also initiated some useful groups on facebook for members and students like:
-CA Job Network
-CA Article Network
-CA Empanelment Network

As a result of these efforts I got popular in members circle and won NIRC Elections in December 2012.
-During the first year of my tenure in year 2013-14 I became Vice Chairman of NIRC
-Second Year in 2014-15 became chairman of NICASA
-Third Year 2015-16 became chairman of NIRC

So what were the main goals in your mind for which you desired to become the Council Member of ICAI

My main goal being a Council Member of ICAI was to serve the members and students of the profession to the fullest in best possible manner. During my tenure as chairman of NIRC of ICAI I never closed the door of office of Chairman of NIRC and was open to serve all.

Now in this capacity as a council member, how are you aiming to increase the job opportunities for the freshly qualified Chartered Accountants

As I told you that I am running a group on facebook named CA Jobs Network which has more than 50,000 members which is one of the best platform for Job seekers as well as the Companies looking for suitable newly qualified CA candidate for job. This portal is free for CA as well as for companies to interact with and match suitability.

Mr. Raj Chawla , you are engaged in your own practice too, so what are the major skills that you look for, while hiring Chartered Accountants, for your firm

I personally look for a disciplined, hardworking, dedicated and ready to learn person who is willing to enhance his career and also who proves to be an asset of our firm.

Now you would be having a very hectic schedule, so how do u maintain your work-life balance

Organization, management, time apportionment, discipline, punctuality helps to maintain my work-life balance as both work and personal life are important aspects of once life.

Can you give any advice for our young Chartered Accountants

Chartered Accountancy as we all know is one of the most reputed profession recognized all around the world. This profession requires lot of dedication, patience, and regular updation of knowledge to be in line with changing economic scenarios. I would advice young Chartered Accountants to be aware of our changing economy to discharge their duties as a professional diligently with accountability and reliability. The whole country is looking forward to our profession to cope up with recent changes including demonetization, GST, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code etc.


Raj Chawla

Director-Raj Chawla and Associates Chartered Accountants

712, New Delhi House, 27 Barakhamba Road, New Delhi, 110001 011 435 81083, 435-81084, 9811081083

Audit, Taxation, Consultancy and more

Director-Raj Chawla and Associates Chartered Accountants

Chairman of NIRC & NICASA






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