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Hello readers!

We recently got a chance to meet Mr. Prayas Sharma Senior Director Operations at Appirio. Mr. Prayas Sharma has more than 21 years of experience in setting up, running & growing F&A, Procurement & HRO business for multiple clients. Part of GE/ Genpact for last 14+ years - assuming various roles of increasing responsibility in finance & accounting - focused on P&L growth, Six Sigma-led delivery, Continuous Improvement & Controller ship, NPS growth at process owner & CXO levels, first-time-right transitions and high quality e-sat scores. Driving technology, analytic & automation-led transformation, cost variability by moving towards transactions-based pricing. Hands on experience in Transforming Offshore Business Units, building Matrix based Organizational Structure, P&L Responsibility, Vendor Management, PMO & HR transformation.

He has variety of experience in organizations across manufacturing, services (BPO for banking,telecom, capital & industrial businesses). Certified Record to report SME & certified black belt with varied Global international exposure.

He has also Experience in managing large teams for running successful process operations & developing procedures, service standards for business excellence. Prayas possess inter-personal and organizational skills with proven abilities in training & development, customer relationship management and planning. Have fair understanding of technology and workflows to build techno-functional solutions for finance & accounting.

Expertise in Finance and HR transformation powered through technology.

His Specialties are: Record to Report SME & Certified Black belt

Our Colleague CA Purva Somani grabbed this opportunity to interview him, to bring in front of all our readers, his Journey to success, his vision for the benefit of Professionals, emerging opportunities for Chartered Accountants, and lastly to illuminate a good amount of motivation for all those who wish to conquer their dreams.

So readers, let us have a look at what Mr. Sharma wants to convey...


1. Mr. Sharma, How you started your professional Journey and what was your ups and down

I started my career with Ericsson as a Branch controller in Jaipur in 1996, grew to next level of Regional controller north and then became Business controller.

Definitely had my ups and down :

Translating learning of education into practice was huge task, learning ground level accounting in absence of ERP with manual records was the biggest learning in initial years of career.

2. When you qualified as CA and CWA, what were your goals, subjects of interest and where did you see yourself five years down the line

I qualified CA in Nov 1995 and CWA in December 1995 , main goal was to become a respectable consultant in field of finance & accounting. Income tax and statistics were my favourite subjects, wanted to see myself in senior position in 5 years in corporate world

3. Do you think you have achieved all that you aimed, or are there still some goals which you need to achieve

I did achieve my goals but while on Journey I realized that I am not only good at finance but also very good at running business operations , hence started working towards becoming a operations leader than just a finance professional supporting business.

4. Mr. Sharma, you have a variety of experience when it comes to the industry. So what according to you is more beneficial for oneself, specializing in a single stream or to possess knowledge about diverse streams

I think it depends what you want to do in life and then try honing the skills accordingly.

I realized my strength is running finance operations but ammunition of quality helps to sharpen those skills hence learn about six sigma and transitions.

Hence specialization definitely helps but varied experience helps in sharpening your skills .

5. India is in the process of adopting International Financial Reporting Standards, so is it creating job opportunities for the Finance professionals What are the ways by which one can gain knowledge about Ind-AS

Yes definitely adoption of IFRS will create more opportunities . I think best place to gain knowledge in today s world is internet.

You have an experience in managing and leading large teams, so what are the main qualities that a Manager must have to lead his team in such a way so as to ensure successful running of the operations and overall development of the company as well

I think managing large teams is function of mastering art of managing three pillars of operations i.e, people , processes & customer management.

6. Any advice for how can one enhance his Resume or any important tip to be kept in mind while designing the Resume

Best is to be always very honest in sharing what you have done supported by examples of what you have done, examples help to give insights and confidence in listener of exactly how you deal with situations.

7. While selecting a job profile, what aspects should a candidate keep in his mind

Stability and ability to trust and potential to learn more , positive attitude and ability to adapt to changing environment.

8. Mr. Sharma, since you were also involved in the area of Human Resource, what do you feel is the role of networking today, in finding jobs

Networking plays a key role because people trust you based on network you had in past and you create your own brand while you network.

9. How can one tackle with the Expected Salary question, in an interview

Best way to answer is pay me for my potential do not just look at what I am paid now.

10. What are the qualities that you look for in an individual at the time of recruitment

Positive attitude, ability to learn faster , ability to change, flexibility, honesty and transparency.

11. As you know, one cannot avoid the Manic Monday coming after a Lazy Sunday! So how do you deal with the Monday Morning Blues

I always think about my favorite sport example cricket and convince myself that I am going to play cricket in office.

12. You have had a long professional journey. Please tell us about how you maintain your work-life balance

Initially I worked very hard but slowly have learn to work hard and party harder .

13. Last but not the least; Mr. Sharma please give our readers any Mantra for a successful career.

My favorite one liner is Make so many runs in life that there is no confusion that you are the man of the match - this is my winning mantra


Prayas Sharma

Senior Director Operations at Appirio

309, Vijay Path, Tilak Nagar, Jaipur, India - 302004, Contact No- +91-9829290607, 9828510262

Financial Services

Appirio Information Technology and Services

BT Global Services, GENPACT, Genpact






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