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About Me:

Dr. Anand Wadadekar
Founder Director & CEO, Discovering Careers India Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Anand has 10+ years of total experience which includes experience in education and financial sector, 13+ years into writing field.

Dr. Anand has earned his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Education Economics. His Thesis is about study of India s higher education system and its impact on labour market outcomes. A Commerce graduate, post graduate in Economics, post graduate in Finance & Banking from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) Pune and holds a Diploma in Information Technology from C-DAC.

As an Educationist, his competencies are Education Strategy, Academic Development, Curriculum Design, Student Counselling & Career Development, Content Writing & Editorial Expertise and Teaching (Current Affairs, Macro Economics, Professional Ethics and MIS). Dr. Anand has also been a Visiting Faculty in under-graduate and post-graduate institutes of repute.

Dr. Anand has been closely connected with the student community and has been counselling students for more than 9 years now. Many career aspirants have immensely benefitted from his advices and direction. Dr. Anand has been recently ranked in the Top 25 Career Advisors in India by Linkedin.com

As an Economist he has researched in and written about macro economics, public finance. He is mainly interested into Developmental Economics and Monetary Economics.

Dr. Anand is an established Author having presence through articles & write-ups on over 500 web pages on more than 150 website globally. Articles on Banking, Economics, Corporate Law, Career, Education have been published nation-wide through newspapers like The Economic Times, The Times of India, Education Times; magazines of National Stock Exchange (NSE), Inter-Connected Stock Exchange of India (ISE), Pune Chapter of Institute of Company Secretaries of India, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (MCCIA), University & College Journals. His articles on banking, finance are taken as Reference by professors of Delhi and Calcutta University for their research papers and thesis.

He is an Author of two eBooks titled "InfoGuide to MBA Entrance", InfoGuide to Professional Courses in Commerce . Become Employable Rather Than Just Qualified has now been published in print. These are one of its kind eBooks which have become famous all over India.

He is also on the Panel of many career websites as Chief Advisor, Top Career Expert, etc.


1. How a fresher should do job hunting.

Ans: A fresher CA should remember that the important things he should have with him for successfully bagging a good job are: educational qualification (least number of attempts for passing CA), attitude, team spirit and personality.

Job hunting by a CA fresher should be based on the above and he should try to improvise on those factors and make them strong before applying to a job. He should upload his resume on all top job portals with the right key words and right structure of his resume. Additionally he should contact people from his friends circle, family circle, social circle and also may be take help from the CA Chapter. A caution that a fresher should not do blanket application to jobs.

2. How imp is the role of networking in job hunting.

Ans: Networking these days plays a very crucial role in job hunting. As mentioned above, network of people is the best source for getting to know about jobs. In the market today, 50% of the jobs people get are through reference. Online and offline networking both are equally important. Joining the right Linkedin Groups, Facebook groups, other discussion forums and participating productively increases networking. Offline networking is through friends, family, conferences, seminars, etc.

3. How social media should be used for job hunting.

Ans: According to survey reports, employers are increasingly looking at the aspirant s Facebook and Linkedin profiles, therefore having these profiles in order is very important. Social media is being used by companies to hunt for candidates and there are various campaigns going on Linkedin and Facebook, through applications come to the employers.

4. What points you need to consider while drafting the resume.

Ans: A CA candidate should highlight his academic achievements, his career goal, and experience in the first page of his resume. There are many points which are required to be kept in mind while drafting a resume since its the silent salesman of the job seeker. Right from the font style, font size, number of pages, and chronology of achievements should be kept in mind. Preferably a professional help should be taken to prepare the resume.

5. How to do follow ups after submitting your resume.

Ans: After submitting your resume, one should wait for at least a week. Generally rejected resumes are not responded by the HR department. If you feel that you are fit for the job, a phone call or an email with full of courtesy and politeness should be done. Do not submit resume again and again.

6. Important Dos and Don't at the time of Interview.

Ans: At the time of interview, be before time, well dressed, confident in terms of thoughts and information. Be very patient and calm and do not rely on talks from other people at the interview venue. Carry multiple copies of resume, keep a check on your anger or frustration. Be humble, polite, and a smile on your face throughout.

7. How to do salary negotiations.

Ans: As a fresher, there is no negotiation since taking work experience is the most important thing and a job offered on a satisfactory salary should be grabbed instantly. For experienced people, salary negotiations should be done very diplomatically. Asking for more salary is the most difficult negotiation in which it is important one has to show why the extra salary one is asking is worth.

8. According to you which sector has most potential in terms of jobs.

Ans: As an Educationist, I would say that every sector is most potential. It is important to assess how much potential you have in you to grab that job or be fit for a job. It is the you who should be fit for a particular career and not the reverse.

9. Any suggestion you would like to give to the young CA.

Ans: As a young CA, always remember that you have to learn a lot in terms of practical subject matter applications and people management. As a young CA you should have the zest to learn, imbibe and reproduce as much as possible and contribute to the team effort and thereby to the organization.


Dr. Anand Wadadekar

Founder Director & CEO - Discovering Careers India

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Little Birdies Pre School & Day Care, Discovering Careers India, Author


Bundelkhand University





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